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Quantity, quality, & low-price's

do NOT have to be separate topics involving the collection of Hawaii cannabis souvenir's... Our breeders have the customer in mind from start to finish and making these amazing collector's items more accessible for the average buyer.

We also aim to inform and educate the public on all medicinal properties about this plant mother nature has given us to heal, love, be tolerant, peaceful, and aid in the natural healing of our physical and mental well-being's.

"Good genetic's always find

their way to the light..." 





Our quality product and services promise to give

you 100% satisfaction, or your money back! Years of combined knowledge put into this project with the lowest prices you can find for trusted genetic

souvenir collectibles!

Current project2 Plants in a 5x5 tent, in 3 gal pots...only in week 3 of flower!

Press play

Press play

These souvenir's will be called "Hawaiian Trojan Horse"

because once they get into your tent, they take over!

Souvenir's Coming Soon...

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