HiBred Seed LLC is a company made with the customer in mind and because of that we aim to satisfy everyone with our great products, prices, and customer service.


Our breeders all believe that quality doesnt have to mean outrageous prices for our souvenir collections and therefore we can rival any other company prices with genetic souvenir collections that have been proven and tested in the community for years before we even decided to go public like this.

We want to help and inform the world about this amazing medicinal plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years to naturally aid in the cure or cause of recovery in so many illness's. Each of our breeders have experienced the positive effect's of growing and crossing these wonderful plants so that you may add them to your souvenir collections, or use them wherever the law allows pertaining to your specific countries of residence.

We also promise full refunds for any and all documented (video/pictures) mishaps involving all genetics purchased on this site at HiBred Seed LLC. Mahalo for choosing us and have an amazing day or night wherever you may be!

"A Hui Hou" - Till We Meet Again