TNB Naturals

TNB Naturals is a company most known for its world leading performance natural CO2 generator called the "Enhancer", as well as other products such as their pH UP and pH DOWN all-natural granular product that does not harm beneficial bacteria. I have been a paying customer and then a sponsored grower for this company for years now and I haven't had any issues with customer service or product performance with them at all! There products come highly recommended by all seasoned and committed growers in the community. Check them out by pressing any of the social media icons you

see and you will not be disappointed

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Guardians of the Lost Terps

First off, let me start by saying that this man is our "GO-TO" man for landraces, new crosses, old crosses, and all the above! His knowledge about everything cannabis is such an honor to have aboard and we look forward to doing big things with this man and his team!

Guardians of the Lost Terps work rare, prolific, cultivars and strains into pieces of artisan expression to an extent every grower can appreciate. Their vision is to create a global network  where cannabis genetic diversity thrives, and breeders act to further the possibilities of modern cultivars while preserving authentic ancient Landrace Cultivars. Please find them at or @guardianofthelostterps on Instagram by pressing the social media link below. This man and his team cannot come more highly recommended by HiBred Seed LLC if your looking for those "white-whale" rare souvenir crosses you will never find anywhere else!

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Emerald Harvest

We are just absolutely thrilled and floored to have been picked up as a collaborative grower/breeder with Ryan over at Emerald Harvest, to show the Hawaii & the world what can be done with this top-shelf product! We have used and adored this product in our company with some of the best breeder's on the planet, with nothing but amazing feedback. Choose from premium 2-part or 3-part base nutrient series and four core supplements to make a complete feeding program that is cost efficient, easy to use and manage. Emerald Harvest uses plant-based proteins, never animal-based, as they have amino profiles similar to the plants you grow and then add beneficial compounds that bring you maximum yields. Emerald Harvest works with partners industry wide, from developing custom feeding programs to sharing general knowledge. HiBred Seed 100% backs the use of these products to anyone who has the ability and drive to enhance their gardening experiences! The customer service with Ryan & Emerald Harvest is always 1000% ( thousand % lol) amazing and we suggest any grower or breeder...beginner or seasoned, to give these products a try. Follow the links given below to get directly sent to their home pages.

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