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Here we showcase the people/entities, chosen by our company and accepted by the growers/entities to publicly present what we believe to be true representation's of what our souvenir's can do for those of you who are allowed to unseal our packages because your specific state and government law's allow for it. These people caught our eye due to what we believe to be gifted growing skills, hence our decision in wanting them to show the world what our souvenir strains can do. All links and email for these people can be seen next to their animated logo's. Check them out to see 

why we feel so honored to sponsor them and their garden's.

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Mahalo Nui Loa!)

Sticky Wicky Buds a.k.a "Wicky705"

This Canadian grower has been on our radar for a while now and it is such a blessing to have him as one of our legit go-to grower's that we can trust to showcase what our souvenir's can do, in the hands of a legal/law abiding seasoned grower! He is also a Tester for BPS & Olympia Genetics as well as an ACMPR patient in the great Canadian nation. Follow him on his social media link's to see his full garden grow's and much more. 

Current Strain Test (July 2020)

"Hawaiian White Berry"

(Strawberry Banana Grape [x] Black Berry Kush -White Pheno)

14/15 or 93.333% Germination Rate within 24 Hours

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Joe's Grow's

Our brother Joe has been growing now for 5 years while being

mentored by his father in law, who used to gorilla grow back in Northern California in the 70's! The ability to have someone who did it when things weren't as easy as it is now days is such a blessing for Joe to have and for us to watch him rise to his full potential as a grower. 

He brings a "Nor-Cal Style" grow to New Mexico where he resides currently.

His growing medium of choice is organic live soil and his growing nutrients are dry organic nutrients.

Joe is an indoor and outdoor grower, but he prefers the outdoor grows because he gets to enjoy sun grown cannabis. We are truly honored to have another presence on the scene like our homie Joe and look forward to seeing what all our hard work looks, smells, and tastes like through him! This man brings the heat and we thank him from the bottom of our 


Current Strain Test ( 2020)

"Hawaiian Style Duck" & "Alaskan Thunder Fuck F2"


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Toxiic 420

Toxiic started growing outdoor 22 years ago when he was just 16 years old!!!

He had a lot of OG mentors in the industry throughout his journey with cannabis cultivation, where he learned and honed in on his abilities dealing with this medicinal plant.

Although it has only been about three years of indoor gardening with cannabis, hard work and persistence has lead him to the creation of  a couple bomb ass strains! One being "Chaotic Cookies" & the second is "Golden Cookies".

Toxiic is a full time farm worker and family man, while at the same time he tends to his cannabis gardening both indoor and out. It is a pleasure to have him as another one 

of our legitimate Company Testers, who we trust to showcase our hard work 

to the world!

Current Strain Test ( 2020)


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High.on.ninth is an amazing Canadian organic grower

from Eastern Ontario.

With multiple classes pertaining to cannabis, and a couple years of experience he is willing to take on anything thrown his way which we absolutely love!

 His love for growing started when he realized he could control and monitor everything that goes into his medication from start to finish and has grown into so much more from germinating to crop and everything in between... he obviously has a passion for it all!

 His main focus is to educate people on the growing and medical aspect of cannabis, and after seeing his page on Instagram we had to have him as one of our legitimate testers. We are  honored to have him aboard.

Current Strain Test ( 2020)



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Dr. Booms Grow Room

Dr. Boom is an internationally published Doctor of Education who spent much of his academic career examining factors that effect life satisfaction and motivation. Since becoming a home grower, it became apparent to him that cannabis may have other benefits that go beyond the medicinal value of this wonderful plant. These include, but are not limited to, giving an individual a sense of purpose and pride in their accomplishments.  Conversely, it is possible that some growers may experience stress and other related issues that may negatively impact their life experiences. This phenomenon is the topic of his ongoing research.


Dr. Boom approaches growing like any other academic endeavor. Through research, experimentation, trial and error, and an ongoing sense of wonder, he examines factors that effect the life experiences of both plant and grower. From environment to genetics, he continues to examine cause and effect in a manner that is personally fulfilling, while hopefully bringing more knowledge to the academic and grower communities. 

Dr. Boom has been carefully chosen to represent what our genetics can do, and we are truly blessed to be able to be working with him. Follow the Instagram link above to follow his other projects and contact him directly. Love ya Doc!!!

Current Strain Test ( 2020)



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That Growerdude

 Caleb is a 23 year old father and husband.

Cannabis to him is more than just smoking and having good times. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD and IBS. Cannabis has improved his life by helping him with his ailments and the pain that come with my them. He was 15 years old when he truly found what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He learned about the different strains and the medicinal values they all had to offer and uses cannabis to help regulate his moods, focus when his ADHD acts up, and helps him to eat and relax when his stomach is in pain from IBS.

Marijuana has helped him become the man that he wants his children to see and look up to. He's been growing and educating himself more so in the past 2 years on a high level and learning how to breed and create his own strains. One day he would like to teach his children about cultivation and the medicinal values with marijuana while helping anyone who cant afford it for medical uses. This to us is genuinely an honor, and having someone on the team like That Growerdude will get us to where we wanna be in terms of making a solid footprint in this industry. He is humble, smart, and driven! Although for now he is a Company Tester for our genetics, down the road we might end up doing breeding projects with him as well if he is interested. 

Current Strain Test ( 2020)



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Other Tester's On The Team Include:

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Hitokiri Batosai (Canada)

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