Mini Grand Opening

Aloha friend's and family, within the next few days we will be opening our store with the ability to purchase a few of our souvenir strains. At this point all we have to offer for Checkout Payment Option's are PayPal, Cash App, Money Order's & Mail-In-Cash. We are currently having issue's finding a CBD friendly bank on this island to create a business bank account, but have applied elsewhere so that we can get the "Credit/Debit Card" option asap. Please keep in mind that we are a brand new company constantly making changes to better your experience and that this will be the first time doing website sales. Please bare with us for now while we work to give you the perfect experience when dealing with our company. If none of the Payment Options give you the ability to purchase from our site, please email us at and we will find a way to make you happy and get our souvenir collectibles in your collection vault's. (For Souvenir Purposes Only) Mahalo -HiBred Seed

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