• Esfahani is an F2 Landrace Regular Photoperiod
  • Medium to Big Size Yield
  • Esfahani x Esfahani 
  • April (in Iran) is sowing season, while harvest is in September (in Iran). These pheno's were grown outdoor's and took about 8 weeks in flower for my harvest at the coordinates that I live in here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. 
  • Esfahani was purchased through TheLandraceTeam on IG or you can find them on their website at www.tltseeds.com They have been such a pleasure to work with and they are one of my Go-To places for the base of all my Landrace genetics. I completely trust them!
  • F2's here in Hawaii are Bred By: Hawaiian Grasshopper Genetics
  • Sweet Lemon Odor's that are super overwhelming but not overpowering! Piney flavors as well...one of the best plants ive had the opportunity to grow. Perfect for anyone just starting off growing or looking for good base genetics. My top 3 plants so far!


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