• "Hawaiian Geechee" is an F1 Polyhybrid Regular Photoperiod
  • Large to Extra Large Size Pheno & Yield
  • Trapped Lime (Trap Star x Key Lime Cake) / Sour Diesel x Wilson/BlackBerry OG x Royal Kush #7
  • Bother terp profiles for parents were lime candy-canes
  • 8-9 Week Flower
  • Starter genetics by: @guardianofthelostterpes on Instagram & myself
  • Like the Gullah Geechee people of the 4 south east coast lines of the US...our people of Hawaii continue and carry on our own traditions and culture. We also have "Pidgeon" which is our own take on the english language. We live on land that was obtained by our families after the US military illigally took them by gun point in 1897-1898, and although our culture isnt as old and magnificent as the Gullah...we still our amazing in our own ways and traditions. This strain is in honor of the Gullah Geechee and the people of Hawaii who still push our amazing traditions in spite of the circumstances. Imua I Na Poki'i