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"Hawaiian Dream"


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This Hawaiian Dream 

F1 male Pheno was an absolute pleasure to grow! He was a Regular F1 Photoperiod that was Polyhybrid. The parents were a male "BubbaHotep OG"  & an "Auto Purple Microdot". It was a natural 3-stemmed phenotype that had everything a grower could want in one plant! High mold resistance, strong and fast root system, insensitive to synthetic nutrients or organics, insensitive to transplants etc.. 

Note: The following Plants have been crossed with the "Hawaiian Dream" male pheno above

"Hawaiian Trojan Horse"

is the name of the souvenirs

from this beauty!

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This Hawaiian Dream F1 female Pheno is obviously a beast of a plant!!! She is a part of the same batch that the other "Hawaiian Dream" male F1 shown in the video came from. As you can see from the picture above at only 3 weeks into flower, this female pheno is killing it in a 3 gal fabric pot housed at the edge of a 5x5 tent at about 5ft!

She is already seeded with the other "Hawaiian Dream" male pheno showed in the video and will be ready very soon. Her traits are obvious so I wont bore you with anything other then...



"Hawaiian Platinum Koffee"

is the name of the souvenirs

from this sexy lady!

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This cross is "Huckleberry Platinum Cookies/NL1 x Koffee Cake/Sky Cuddler Kush F3", bred by our breeder and friend Guardian Of The Lost Terps. This beautiful lady doesnt really need explanation but she truly is an amazing specimen. She is an F1 Regular Photoperiod pheno that stood out among the rest! She is hardy, huge, stinky, fast growing at only the beginning of week 3 in flower in the video! The frost level's are through the roof on her and she was also pollinated with the male "Hawaiian Dream" shown in the video up above. Her babies will be ready soon so stay tuned.

"Hawaiian Grapefruit"

is the name of the souvenirs

from this gorgeous lady!

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This is a White Berry pheno that is just a stunner to look at! Its color's are just gorgeous up close and this plant thrives indoor and out! She is a high mold resistant strain and so was her father, the "Hawaiian Dream" male that pollinated her! Both plants have been tested out in the rain and in humid outdoor climates here in Hawaii, and they both haven't budged an inch! She is a bushy pheno with a perfect medium size for both indoor and outdoor grows. Her lineage has Alaskan Thunder F@#K and BlackBerry Kush (a white BBK pheno) and this had been a favorite plant of mine to work with. She is an F1 Regular Photoperiod and gaining frost by the seconds! 

NOTE: The previous plants above have all been pollinated with the male

"Hawaiian Dream" shown at top


"GPF2" or Georgian Passion Fruit F2 is exactly how it sounds. We took an absolute beast of a male Georgian Passion Fruit F1 Regular Polyhybrid Photoperiod and crossed him to a gorgeous beast of a female Georgian Passion Fruit F1 Regular Polyhybrid Photoperiod from the same batch of F1's. Our male pics and video's got lost during the saving process on laptop and was erased from memory card, but this video will show you the female that was pollinated and a branch just cut down during harvest. She is an outdoor plant that was grown in a 25 gallon fabric pot, and honestly didn't have the best feeding schedule or cover from rain...however, she killed it regardless! She is a long flowering sativa dominant plant (11 weeks) that has medium to hard nugs at the end of her flower cycle. She smells like gasoline mixed with bubble gum which probably comes from her Bubba Kush / Og Kush lineage. She also has Alaskan Thunderfuck and BlackBerry Kush genes in her as well. These souvenir's will be ready soon July 2020...

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